• Wholesale Shea Butter
  • Wholesale Shea Butter
  • Wholesale Shea Butter

Wholesale Shea Butter


Our shea butter is harvested and grown in Mali, West Africa, the world's second-largest producer of the shea nut. We work with local women cooperative groups to develop high quality artisanal shea butter.  Our partners, harvest the fruit by hand from wild trees. The nuts are extracted, boiled, dried and later shelled. They are then crushed, roasted and ground into a paste to make the butter. Our shea butter is perfect for making cosmetic products, particularly skin, hair, and soaps. By purchasing our raw Mali shea butter, you will be helping to improve the lives of African women living in rural communities, who depend on it as a source of income.

 10 Benefits of Shea Butter

  1. Incredible Moisturization
  2. Botanical solution to inflammation
  3. Anti-blemish hydration
  4. Reduce razor irritation
  5. Anti-aging
  6. Oil-free
  7. Antioxidant properties
  8. Antibacterial properties
  9. Prevents acnes
  10. Great for skin and hair