Before and After

We don't need to brag about our fabulous Passion Remy hair extensions. The pictures speak for themselves. Our extensions can be worn on short or long hair and can be dyed and styled to your perfection. Share your pics on Instagram at #luvmarinabella.

She Tried It: Passion Remy Indian Hair Extensions:

(New York, NY USA)I love to switch things up, which is why the weeks-long commitment of getting a sew-in hair weave can be such a drag at times. Lately, I’ve been luxuriating in the convenience that clip-in hair extensions provide. In a matter of minutes, I can go from sporting my everyday shoulder length do to having long and luxurious curls cascading down my back. Read more



Of course, Alexanderia from Memphis, TN (USA) , the owner of Marina Bella Imports, had to try out  her Passion Remy hair extensions. She is a naturalista at heart, but sometimes a girl gotta change from time to time. She is wearing 10" straight Passion Remy extensions.









amanda short Passion Remy hair









Our model Amanda has a short cropped hair style with tapered sides. We decided to give her hair some added volume and length with Passion Remy 18" straight extensions.














                                                                                                           Our client is wearing Passion Remy 22" Passion Remy long 22" extensionsstraight extensions. She wanted a more glamorous, diva look.



Passion Remy 18" wavy extensionsHairstylist Angel from Rwanda loves to switch it up her style from time to time for a more sexy, seductive image. She is wearing Passion Remy 18" wavy extensions. .