Master the Salon Blowout at Home with One Hair Styling Tool

By Cortex Beauty

We now live in a world where sweatpants have become the new norm, and putting on a full face of makeup is a thing of the past—so how do you find the motivation to style your hair? Well most of us are still jumping on last minute zoom calls with our boss, coworkers or clients. That’s when the hairdryer brush comes into play!

This game changing brush will become your best friend throughout the work week and on the weekends. The pros at Cortex Beauty have mastered the perfect way to get the salon blowout look from the comfort of your own home with the all new Cortex Beauty Breeze Brush 

The Breeze Brush is the newest tool in the Cortex Beauty line up. This hairdryer brush is designed with gently curved sides to smooth your hair and round edged to create volume from the roots down. This brush comes with three heat settings: Cool shot, hot (low), hot (high). 

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