Invest in a good flat iron

With so many brands to choose from, finding the right flat iron for your hair texture can be overwhelming. I personally experienced a flat iron nightmare one early Monday morning on my way to work. My flat iron, at the time fused out as I started to pass it through my hair. I ignored the warning signs but was desperate and purchased it anyways. My flat iron did not include ceramic plates, had poor customer reviews, and did not include a lifetime warning. As I sadly parted ways with my flat iron, I went ahead and invested in a good professional flat iron: Cortex Professional 450 Solo Flat Iron. Five years later, it still works plus I have a lifetime warranty.

Five flat iron features to look for:

  1. Heats up in nanoseconds: A good flat iron should take a few seconds to heat up. You should not have to wash dishes and make up your bed to give your flat iron to get hot. Most professional flat irons, like Cortex Professional flat irons heat up in nanoseconds.
  2. Have ceramic or titanium plates. Honestly if you care for your hair as much as I do, you should never purchase a non-ceramic or non-titanium flat iron. Ceramic plated flat irons are non-metallic materials that distribute heat evenly across the surface of the hair. Ceramic plated flat irons also help seal in hair moisture and ensure that the hair shaft does not have overheated spots, reducing heat damage. They are also great for home use. On the other hand, titanium plated flat irons are the highest quality of metal irons on the market. Salon professionals prefer to use titanium flat irons because they are light-weight and durable.   Titanium metal also generates heat using negative ions, which helps to reduce the amount of temperature needed to straighten the hair. Heavy duty professional flat irons like titanium plated flat irons work best for thick or coarse hair. They heat up faster than a ceramic plated flat iron, and provide superior results immediately regardless if the hair is in poor condition.
  3. Floating plates: Flat irons with floating ceramic or titanium plates allow you to easily style your hair. This feature allows you to achieve perfect curls and flips easily in half the normal hairstyling time. You only have to pass the flat iron once through your hair for optimum straightness.
  4. Various temperature settings: Not all flat irons are created equal. Some flat irons are designed for fine, straight hair while others are great for textured, curly hair. In most cases, flat irons that heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit are great for coarse, African-American hair.  Fine hair does not require that much heat to straighten. Digital flat irons are the best because you get the perfect temperature settings without the guest work or the risk damaging your hair.
  5. Limited Lifetime warranty: We hope this will never happen to you, but a good flat iron will have at least a lifetime warranty. After all, no flat iron is perfect despite manufacturer’s claim. Make sure you save the receipt for a flat irons costing more than $50.


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