Get the most out of your salon visit

Have you ever visited a salon and wondered if you made the right choice?  The ambiance of the place just doesn't feel right. You greet the receptionist and she gives you a frown while looking at your hair with disgust. When you show the beautician a picture of your desired hair style, she makes various excuses on why she can’t do it. Well, stop wasting your time and follow these tips to save yourself the stress of a bad salon experience.

Five tips to get the best salon experience 

  1. Good Customer Service: You can always tell immediately if you have walked into a good salon by how friendly the receptionists greet their customers at the door. Your salon should feel like you are walking into an enchanted spa with rose petals laid perfectly on the floor and the hair stylist worships the ground you walk on.  Not literally of course, but you should be very comfortable and not tense.
  2. Make an appointment. Your time is very valuable. Why put extra stress on yourself by simply walking into a salon without knowing how long it will take to be serviced. Save time and hassle and call ahead of time to avoid a long waiting time at the salon.   Also try to book an appointment on a slow salon day like a Tuesday or Wednesday. If a salon is professional, they will try not over book their appointments.
  3. Ask for a consultation: If this is your first salon visit with a new beautician, always ask for hair advice before he or she begins styling your hair. Maybe you have severe dandruff problems, and thus the hair stylist can choose the best shampoo for your hair. Consultation sessions are a great way to get to know your hair stylist, solve hair problems and most importantly build trust between you and your hair stylist.
  4. Inquire about their salon products: Always ask the salon the type of hair products they use on their client’s hair, especially shampoo. The worst thing in the world is to visit a salon that has cheap styling tools and products. If they are professional, they should use professional products. They should also sterilize their hair instruments after every use to prevent head lice and other hair irritations.
  5. Check customer reviews: In the days of social media, businesses cannot continue to grow with a poor online reputation. Always review the salon’s social media account and check for reviews. Look for pictures of their hairstyles and comments from other clients. If the salon has good online reviews and post updates regularly, then it is worth visiting.  

Going to the salon should be a way to treat yourself from the everyday stresses of life. Relax and pamper yourself without the fuss. Get the salon experience that you deserve.

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