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  • The Biggest Celebrity Hair Transformations of 2020

    BY LAUREN VALENTI from  December 18, 2020 2020 is a year that will go down in hair transformation history. Among the many strategies used to cope with lockdown and feeling a loss of control, major hair switch-ups emerged as one way for individuals to mark a significant change in... View Post
  • 17 Christmas and Holiday Hairstyles That’ll Get You in the Holiday Spirit ASAP

    You probs don’t need me to remind you, but I’m going to anyway—the holidays are mad stressful. Between making sure you check everyone off your list and running through grocery store aisles to get the ingredients for your signature chocolate chip cookies, you might forget the most important thing ... View Post
  • Master the Salon Blowout at Home with One Hair Styling Tool

    By Cortex Beauty We now live in a world where sweatpants have become the new norm, and putting on a full face of makeup is a thing of the past—so how do you find the motivation to style your hair? Well most of us are still jumping on last minute zoom calls with our boss, coworkers or clients. Tha... View Post